Day Two: Crooks

Title's in reference to the last post. Guess I should get that out of the way. No workout today, my calves were super sore from the run yesterday, but not until my first 3 hour block of class.

First day of classes were good - my workload is going to be pretty steady but not too bad. Jeff Shotts was amusing. Digital Electronics was overwhelming ("here, physics 1 in a half hour"). Operating Systems was bash terminal and pleading for kernel hacking later. Multi was... I dunno, profs amusing; he's from Texas, and he's got a nice soft accent. Lotta Doomtree today. "Hope don't float, hope sinks low" and all that. It's been an up and down kind of day.

Breakfast: Cheerios and milk, banana.
Lunch: Late, sandwich sans bread (went bad today - like, white mold bad); makes up for yesterday's first lunch.
Snack: Dried mango. Tasty. Will be having more of that tomorrow.
Dinner: CHILI. I had it in the slow cooker all day, smelled amazing. It was delicious, I used beef and a mix of dark and red kidney beans, so it had a great hearty taste. Cumin, oregano, chili powder and garlic salt brought the taste of the individual pieces out really well too. A tad spicy, just how I like it. I didn't even bother having anything else with this.
Cups of coffee: 1.
Cups of tea: .5