you tell me it calms your nerves, you just think it looks cool

Huzzah! Gtk program works! It's pretty. I'll post a big post later tonight. :)

Poetry revision coming along well. Also now have a microcode rough draft. Tomorrow is probably some wiring in the early afternoon, which I should do a diagram for tonight, but there are still a couple pieces I'm not sure about. At least I can take some stuff apart and add some other stuff in. :\

After that it's a ska show at Eclipse, doors at 6, show at 6:30, 3 dollars.

I'm pretty thrilled with progress right now. I talk big, but this is all very manageable. I'm just trying to survive at the same time. :)

Woke up at 6:30 this morning, wide awake. I managed to fall asleep until about 7:30, and then got up and did some homework. I had to re-write a homework assignment for today at noon that I had forgotten about when I went to sleep last night, and it wasn't until I actually asked myself, "why am I awake?" that I remembered. My subconscious was watching out for me, which is pretty cool. Still, it'll be a long day.

My favorite kind.