who's in a bunker?

Morris is good so far. I'm colored in food dye. It's a long story, but you can probably see some of it on Facebook soon. Oh, facebook. Highlights from yesterday: getting taxes done, hanging out with Tessa and Martin, dyeing eggs, playing guitar in an outdoor amphitheater, and building a bonfire.

Adventures abound. I'm so very ready for summer.

I'm really happy that I'm not at home this weekend. There isn't much going on this weekend in terms of people, and I have absolutely nothing to do for homework; this weekend would have made me very sad and lonely. I'm really ready for summer to come. I've already said that once, but still. I'm ready. I want to do all these projects and take tests and just finish it. I want to do research and hang out and play music and not have to worry about homework and play frisbee and just have it be summer already.

Winter makes summer only that much more desirable.