to separate yourself from your effects and evacuate one's sturdy flesh.

Wow. I am so very tired. This has been a long hard week. I've been working, moving, travelling, seeing family, trying to see friends and I've had absolutely no time to relax. Busy is nice, but... so sleepy, you know? I'm taking a day to relax when I'm in Virginia, I hope my girlfriend doesn't mind. I'll be doing regular updates this coming week, and then no updates the next week, as that's when I'll be out of town. After that though it's fair game, so expect to see a lot more stuff in about two weeks.

It's really difficult for me to just sit down and write poetry these days. I always feel as if I'm writing to a genre, or for a particular purpose; maybe it's just that I fill the work with a purpose after the fact, but it's really tough to always write purposefully. I have so much going on inside that I don't know how to express, so maybe writing just isn't the way to do it.

I did sit down last night and open up about 20 or so different word documents with lyrics in them. I started playing a little guitar, and found some nice progressions for two of the songs. It was nice to know that I can make music still, after not being able to play for so long. It seems silly to say, but I actually worry sometimes that if I don't exercise something I'll lose it. Actually, this could be said of everything I relate to - if I don't interact with it enough, it'll leave me.

Punk band's activities are shaping up. We hope to have the Basement EP out by the end of break, which is the 26th for me. We'll be playing a show at some point, which will hopefully be higher energy and lower nervousness for us, and if you want to see our mellower sides, there should be an open mic coming soon. We recorded the last one, it'd be fun to do that again. Once we find shirts we'll be pumping those out pretty quick, and the booklet will come together pretty quick as well. The tentative tracklisting (no order, just presence) for the EP is:
-All Along the Watchtower (sorry bob dylan)
-Information Age
-Shadows in the Dark
-I can't
-It is coming
-Down to the Watershed