My bad

Sorry for the missed post yesterday, I had a busy one. Yesterday was the last real day of break, considering everyone that was in town was packing and leaving today, so I ran around doin' stuff.

On Friday, I woke up late, went to Brewberry's, did some stenciling work (more on that later), did a final lookover of the lyrics sheets, and then bussed out to Guitar Center with Martin to get a mic. We got the mic, and even remembered to get a cord, but got the wrong one, which we didn't realize until the next day. Sat around with friends that night, tried to go to a concert with Tessa, which was indeed 21+, as I was afraid it was, so that didn't work out. I'll have to try and see the bands some other time. One of them was a "new" experimental hip hop group called Hyder Ali who do pretty indie hip hop music, and I'd like to check them out.

Saturday I woke up and went to Shadowrun! It was awesome. I'll make another post about that at some point in the next couple of days. After the game I killed some time at Half-price and White Rock until Martin showed up and carted me off to Guitar Center to buy the correct cord. We went back to his house, did a last minute practice, cut two songs from the setlist on the grounds of not being prepared enough, ate half a pizza each and then played.

The concert was much better than our last one, IMHO. We were pretty sloppy last time, but this time we sounded great and played really well, and I only got nervous fingers once. The new mic was a really big upgrade from what we had had, so that was a good reward. We both realized however, that we need to play for people who actually enjoy punk music, not just our friends. I'm glad everybody came, but I don't think anyone there would listen to our brand of punk on their own, which means that their reactions are mostly, "Yay! My friends are making music!", so we don't get much feedback as far as the music goes.

For those shirt owners out there, we are done with the album artwork and design -- we could give you the CD cases pretty much whenever, but the CD that goes inside isn't done yet. =P We've still had some trouble recording drums, so we'll try to resolve that as quickly as we can. We'll see how it goes. On another note, we've found a place to order shirts from, so new and old designs will be forthcoming this summer. As usual, Tan Tan takes requests, so if you want a neat, handmade stencil shirt, drop him a line.

Also, on the subject of recording music, my dad informed me today when I went out to lunch with him and my mom that he has a condenser mic, in our basement. It was apparently a $125 recording mic 20-25 years ago, so... sweet? I'm going to start playing around with that sort of stuff pretty soon.