I published this without a title, but now it has one!

I have successfully completed my O.S. assignment for the week. It was really easy, actually. The whole process was really straightforward -- I may try doing the extra credit, especially if he gives us an extension. They range from easy to sphincter-rippingly difficult:

" * Allow xinit() to take a number of bytes of that should be initially allocated instead of using a constant value. (level 0)
* Walking through all used blocks to find a free block is slow! Keep separate linked lists for the used and free blocks. (level 1)
* Implement an automatic garbage collection algorithm, and replace your xfree() calls with periodic calls to the garbage collector. You'll need to pass the garbage collector a list of pointers to blocks still in use. (level 2)
* Adapt your garbage collector to work for recursive datastructures. You should only have to specify the "root" node of the datastructure, and it will try to locate pointers contained in the data segments. (level 10)"

Yeah... also, that adverb right before the colon may have been overkill.

I'm preforming poetry on Saturday, at 8:30, 4th floor Old Main. I'm excited, but a little nervous. For those of you who were here for the small open-mic-ish get together we had over Spring Break, I'm reciting both the poems I introduced to you as being for the slam. Thanks for your feedback.

Also thanks for the feedback on the last poem, you made me change the last bit to a much better read. I added the comma Jamie needed in the "penultimate line" (I don't know Spanish, so I had no idea what this meant), and also changed the "bound" at the end of that line to "captive,". Reads better now. Thanks!

In less than a week I will be enjoying the nice sunny weather and beautiful landscapes of Virginia, which makes me really happy. I'm thrilled to go down again, and I'd like to see more of my girlfriend's family, as I didn't get to see them the last time I visited mid-semester.

I have For Emma, Forever Ago stuck in my head. It makes for a very relaxed, pleasant office hour.