Such are the toils of the skull space and its no place to ache.

I'm back! I just spent the week in Virginia, where I had an amazing time with my girlfriend. We spent a lot of time being silly and playing Rock Band 2 at Best Buy; I'm sort of surprised they didn't kick us out the 5th time we were in there. I actually ended up going to her annual high school reunion, which she was not intending to attend; it was ... surreal. Interesting, but very odd. I met some of her friends and had a good afternoon hanging out with her and her friend Kate, who had just been on a study away in France. I also got to see her friend Meg, who is awesome and a joy to spend time around, so that was nice.

I found the most amazing thing at the Hanover mall (yes, that's how it's spelled - there's also a Montpelier, VA): "filter lids". If you've ever spent time around me in person, I've probably drunk coffee, or talked about drinking coffee in the future, or talked about a great cup of coffee I had yesterday or last week. I drink a lot of coffee; I've been informed that the smell of coffee is part of my natural scent at this point. However, in an effort to be able to better recommend teas to customers at work, I've started working my wear through various popular teas and different ways to drink them. Well, I've gotten hooked on Earl Gray with Steamed Milk - it's cheap, I get milk, and it tastes like tea, only the briskness is less strong. Normally I have to put up with weak tea in the milk, but at this coffee shop, the tea was put directly into the cup. Huh, that's weird. The filter for the tea.... is in the lid!!! It's crazy, and a great idea. And tasty.

Anyways, as for the Artsy Fartsy Mondays update: I've been really busy, so I haven't had time to draw much. My sketchbook is also full. I need a new one, but I have other things I have to buy first (like food). Aaaaaaaaaand, most of the work I've been doing is for the band, which means you won't see it until it gets released. I'd estimate about a week or two on the EP, if you're interested. Exciting times. So instead of showing you stuff, I'll talk about things. I've been doing a lot of typesetting/font work recently; I really enjoy manipulating letters and such. If anybody has any websites they know of with interesting designs, letters, etc., post them on a comment; I enjoy viewing as much as I enjoy creating. I'm definitely still a novice in this, so any tips on how to achieve a particular look would also be cool to read/see.

We're past ExitingARM and onto Day Dangerous, in case you were wondering. The last post title translates to "why do you flay arm?", when put in English and non-Yoda grammar.