The rest is silence? Hah, this is only the beginning.

Alright. I'm going to be honest.

I've tried really hard to keep politics out of this blog.

It's true. I do it so that you don't have to hear me ranting all the time about things that are terrible, or wrong.

For example, Coleman. He's an idiot and a douchebag. That should be perfectly clear after the three judges assigned to the election trial unanimously declared Franken the winner. I'm not a big fan of Al Franken, and he may not be true to the Democratic Farmer-Labor label, but he is DFL-endorsed. And, being not the greatest fan of Franken, I can say in complete honesty, that this needs to stop. The only reason this is still happening is because Norm knows that if he leaves, he won't ever come back.

Also, SPPD/MPD. The SPPD and MPD are full of EPIC FAIL. There are several things that St. Paul and Minneapolis have to learn, and learn quickly:

1) shoot to wound. Whenever there's an altercation involving firearms, or supposed firearms in the case of the Fong Lee shooting, these guys bring down the hearse...er, house. You see, apparently "he does not have to be pointing that gun for [the shooting] to be justified". The evidence in this case is all over the place, but this article illustrates, along with the recent "suicide by a cop" of Robert Jeske, that these guys need training in how to shoot to disable.

2) people are innocent until proven guilty. Let's look at any of the above examples, and the RNC 8. Or how about the actions of SPPD officers during the RNC itself. Hell, I'll cite the experiences of Daniel Balogh.

3) your pretty words may trick those who aren't really paying attention, but they are false idols in the eyes of those who look and listen. "National Defense" may save you from laws, but it will not save you from us.

Here's a bad one: what did the Buddhist circuit designer say when meditating? Ohm....

My new projects have me overwhelmed
I don't know what to do.
I'm not sure who has the helm
As I sail the ocean blue.
Burma shave.

Suddenly just have a lot to do in a short amount of time. I really wish my professors were more clear in how they discuss projects and project ideas. Also, having to have this honor's thesis proposal done a week early is hurting me strongly.

I'm rereading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It's still a really good book. It's also not conducive to getting things done.

Tonight I had dinner with a friend I haven't seen in a while. It was delicious, and good company. We talked about relationships and love, marriage, wedding dresses, my old roommate, my lack of new roommate, and her mother. Overall, a very "Mac" dinner conversation. She "studied" in Japan last semester, by which I mean she lived in a monastery and meditated, and although it doesn't seem to have reigned in her personality, she's thinking harder and deeper than she used to, or at least more than she used to show us. I like this.

She asked if I could ever be happy alone, and I told her yes. She said her boyfriend was the same way, quite similar to me, actually, and asked how she was supposed to feel about being with someone who can be happy being alone. I told her she should feel wanted, because if someone is self-sufficient and doesn't need you, but wants you to be around, that's something really special.

I am full of silly bits of quiet tonight, blocks of calm floating in a rocking harbor.

Not unlike crates of tea, a sign of rebellion against the stress taking hold of my life.

chipping salt from your lips

Sorry for the missed post yesterday. I had a busy day, and I didn't have internet the entire time.

I woke up fairly early and wrote some poetry before going to Dunn's to read for on of my classes. Dunn's didn't have internet, though, which was a serious problem. Then I went to lab, which I skipped out on early to talk to my professor about the possibility of an honor's project, more on that later. Then I went to Tea Garden and just hung out for a while, as I had nothing useful to do, and then found my friends there, which was nice. I ate dinner at CoffeeNews, a nice treat, and then drove some folks over to downtown mpls for a poetry slam at Kieran's Irish Pub. A Mac student was participating, and got 6th, which means he gets a chance to compete in the MPLS finals later. Sweet. I got back to my apartment at midnight after dropping off the car, and had no internet, so no post.

I'm also aware that I didn't put up a poem last week. I'm sorry. I'm also surprised Tasha didn't say anything.

So, I will be doing an honor's project, and it will be on novel uses of tagging in the system I'll be working on this summer. Sounds pretty cool. Thing is, I have to get the project proposal done early, because my professor's going to be out of town. So this is all of a sudden a busy week.