my idea

Maybe in the next two weeks, if it's nice out. Stay out with a guitar and just play until the sun rises.

i found your pale-faced blue-lipped god beneath the kitchen table, starving and eating paper

There's a poetry slam Friday at 8:
It's on the upper floor of Old Main.
If you're in town, then great!
You can come hear me raising Cain.
Burma shave.

No, in all seriousness, a real plug: MacSlams is holding another poetry slam Friday April 24th at 8, and many people will be competing! We'll be doing two rounds, you'll be out by ten. Come hear and support Mac slam poets. Julia/Julie (of the Mac theater department) will be doing the sacrifice poem, and Inky (sp?) of Minnesota Microphone will be our special guest. Fellow poets Wonder Dave and Sam Cooke will be probably be there again, they seem to enjoy hanging out on our campus during poetry slams. If you're in town, you have no excuse not to come. Noah and the Whale? Not important. =P

I have so much work to do in the next two weeks. Let me correct that. By looking at it like I am right now, like a plane flying over Hiroshima on August 7th, 1945, it looks like a lot. I need to make a good list, and then it won't be as bad. I'm sort of putting that off though, which is... probably not a good idea. I really just want it all to go away and call me when I'm in Virginia. That would be best.

Summer's going to be fun. I can feel it. I'm really excited for all parts of it. Now I just need to focus down on the next two weeks, and then it's over.