A break in the wooting.

Tasty-looking wine that I can't buy because I'm not yet 21 makes my feet sad.

I got Malcolm X the movie for my birthday from my friend Vinny, which is really cool; I'm currently reading the Autobiography, and I'm really appalled by how far black people in America at that time went to fit the white status quo, and it makes me think about now, and if things have really changed. There's been a strong integrationist/anti-integrationist conflict for a long time, and it makes me hope that there's something in the middle: a point people can reach where everyone accepts everyone else on their own terms, not on terms of whiteness or how alike they are to majority. The whole thing makes me wonder about Obama: what message does electing him send to the nation?

Does it say, "Everything's ok now"? Because it's not. There are still problems, there is still inequity, there is still equality that needs to be had. My dad had a conversation a couple of weeks ago at his bi-weekly Minority Contractors meeting with two other local big-corp representatives, and he said that if McCain was elected, he'd probably give up on anything being done through politics. The two people he was talking with, one of them a Latino woman, the other a black woman, said,

"No. That is when we fight even harder."