I was sitting today in a Barnes & Noble coffeeshop in Charlottesville, VA, next to an interesting guy who came in during my stay there. He came in starting a conversation with his father, who seemed marvelously with it from my perspective, considering the man I was sitting next to was about 35ish. He was having a really in-depth conversation about interpreting the Quran and the Hadith as extremely Buddhist in nature: that Muhammed was a Buddha. It was interesting, and way over my head. I've always wanted to read those two works, but I haven't had time.

I reread the first section of the Dead Emcee Scrolls, NGHWHT, by Saul Williams while there, which I still feel is really good, but in a completely different way than the poetry I've been reading lately. I still enjoyed it though, which is a good sign.

Writing poetry, on vacation, very out of it. It's hard to keep a grasp on two very different realities.