The blue light was my blues, and the red light was my mind

A checklist of sorts, or maybe, a really, really long mastercard commercial, from my vacation:

Hours of guitar played: 3-4
Number of times I played Love In Vain Blues: 3-4
Number of mochas drunk: 2
Number of poems written: 2
Number of beers had: about 5
Glasses of Syrah: about ... 5
Glasses of Chardonnay: ... about five
Nights spent: 4
Fears faced: many
Fears defeated: maybe not that many
Books read finished: 3, working on a 4th
Friends missed: a lot of them
S'mores eaten: 0
Mountains circled: 1
Chocolate Mouse-es ate: 2
Trips to the swimming pool: 3
Scrapes from the swimming pool: 1
Mild Sunburn: check
Things jonesed for: 4
Trips yearned for: 3
Days I wanted to come home: all of them
Days I wanted to see someone special: all of them
Days I didn't want to leave: all of them
What could be the last vacation with I take with my family in a long time: absolutely wonderful, and, yes, priceless

More starting later this week. Real journalism, not being a theater person, things like that.