Sometimes the internet at dunn's makes me very sad

The semester is picking up speed; only 5 weeks left, and projects are starting to assign themselves. It looks like I'll have one in every class but calculus, and a test most likely facing me in two of the four, but possibly three. But still, I enjoy this. I am waiting quietly with much excitement.

As an aside, refrain forms are awesome for punk/hardcore lyrics. Just saying. Also, I still plan on putting a sonnet to music sometime, because I can.

Interview went well yesterday, they asked me for current syllabi and source code, which is always a good sign. I'm taking a look around my computer for some good source to send them; I'm thinking my shell, they seemed interested in that, maybe my threaded mergesort function because they're doing a (hopefully opensource) project with posix threads, which sounded awesome. Some OOP stuff might be good too though. We talked for about a half an hour, I told them about me and computer science, they told me about them and computer science, it was just like a first date. :P

I have to reply to an offer from the U by Friday, which means making a decision to go with poliwiki as my for sure backup and reaching for this as hard as I can. I think I may end up doing that but I'm going to wait a bit to decide. I also was put on the waiting list by another program -- another guy at Mac applied and also got waitlisted, and the same thing happened last year when I applied to the program, so we figured that's just how they roll. Or something like that.

This week I'm studying for my second hour-long calc test, shouldn't be too bad, and writing a malloc replacement that can also detect memory leaks, bad frees, etc. I'm hoping to do most of the coding on that tonight, finish it up by the end of tomorrow. What? I like getting started on things early...

Here's a poem! If you would give me some feedback, that'd be great! :) It's tentatively titled Falls. It could use a more original title.

I always wondered why the field down the river from the falls looked so clear,
So bright in the sun,
Like every blade of grass was cut from a perfect canvas,
Like my memories could never have made it more beautiful,
Like the bodies buried beneath it only blessed the vista, the falls, the stream.
The clearing is no longer a burial mound, but when
Purpose is removed from restraint the body is no longer bound,
So watch out Southern Minneapolis.