foreign policy

I was tricked by your scent
I was lured by your blouse
I was caught by your laugh
Now tear it out.

Your smile fails to procure
The wish we had for you
Your teeth are sunk in us
And I had to tear them out.

How could they pick you, how could you do?
What do we choose now to stay away from you?
What path do we keep now, what savior calls for help?
What savior calls to save us? I want change for myself.

You lead him by his hand, an old pet too near to death
You watch us with shining eyes, I swear I'll tear them out.
We let you rise before us, fake eyes and smiling breath
I swear I won't let you lead us, I swear we'll tear it out.

We need to be free, we don't have time for your sordid policy

We need to be free, there's no time for your sordid policy