epic FAIL

Ok, so if any of you have been around Vinny recently, you've probably heard him complain about the Linux aids on his computer. The basis for almost all of these rants was his youtube surfing not working right. For several months, youtube hasn't played with sound. We finally managed to be in the same place at the same time, and I successfully diagnosed the problem.

He had muted the video in the youtube player, and it saved it in his cookies, and he didn't think to try unmuting it.

Let it be known to all, that Vinny has failed to use a service that everyone else knows how to use. FAIL.


There are two colors in my head

It's half-way Spring, and my porch door is completely open. I like the fresh air, and it's only, like 32, so no biggie. It's warmer than when I was biking around last night, for sure. I biked from the Tea Garden (tea with Danny the last night before he went back to C-town) to David's house at about 10:30 at night, and it was really, really cold; biking doesn't help either. I ended up standing outside his house for about 5 minutes waiting for him to get there, and I actually warmed up standing there on the sidewalk.

The neighborhood was quiet, and there was almost no wind to speak of on that block. You could see the snow shyly falling near the streetlights.

I think I have finally captured the true purpose of "on the go" playlists, and have been using them rather effectively the past couple of days. I had used one to listen to "Summer Babe" (Pavement, Slanted & Enchanted) followed by In Rainbows and the first half of Kid A while biking last night, and I finished up Kid A this morning. I was in sort of a relaxed, Radiohead mood, but I wanted to break out of it to write some poetry, so I threw together a short mix to ease me into something a little faster and more punctuated: some Paper Tiger False Hopes to Kidney Thief and Lifetime...Kid Dynamite by P.O.S to Untrue by Burial. It was a good mix, and I wrote quite a bit. And then the ride back to my apartment was Kidney Thief to Meat Tape punk to W.E.W. and Scarecrow from Meat Tape 2, culminating in Idioteque. Circular, no? :)

The whole reason I can do this is because I got new headphones yesterday. The day before, the headphones I was using (old $10 wrap-arounds I got at Sam Goody) finally bit the dust after about 2-3 years of use. I need music, so I went to Radioshack and splurged on some higher-quality earbuds, which I am happy I did. The sound quality is better than my old iPod earbuds, and much, much better than the headphones I was using. I'm happy with them. :)