This is geurilla poetry! (or, Make Me Proud, Trolls)

Putting off doing lab prep for today. I have a bit of extra time right now because one of my professors didn't post a reading assignment, so ... I don't really have to do it? What it does mean is that I have to take the book on the plane with me and do it then.

So here's my schedule for today: at 1:20, lab begins. At 4:30 lab is scheduled to end. At 5:20 my plane to Charlotte takes off. So...I'm trying to work ahead on the digital electronics lab today so that I can leave quickly. My plan is to prepare everything so that all I'm really doing when I get in there is wiring it up. I'm almost done, and have done, I'm pretty sure, all of the prep, I'm just double checking my work from last night.

My brain is in a muddle. I'm too full of poetry, and of emotion and anxiousness, and of circuits; it's just too much at once? See, that's even a question...

Being caught between intention and natural process is all well and good when you're trying to capture that moment, but it's a difficult place to exist in at normal times.