I completely missed my update, sorry. It was an up and down kind of day, I wasn't really with it for most of the time. Here are song lyrics; I'm not sure they're complete yet, they could use a little more, but I'm not sure yet. Ordering isn't for sure yet either, but that's down to the music, you know? Anyways, tentative title is get lit up.

we are blinded
by visions of what this is supposed to be
there's all ghosts in the dark

lost ourselves
dried up all we three
we all outta spark

to get lit up!

a house on fire!
a rising fever!

his skin turned sulfur
flames rising high in the dark
he shambled towards us
his hair singed up
his eyes snuffed out
he got all lit up.

EDIT: My own reaction to this poem is "Fire it up", so yeah. :P

3 days at a time

This is going to be ... difficult. But I'm going to try and remember. Here we go.

Thursday: The Day I Had Off
I didn't do anything. Like, seriously, I played WoW for 5-6 hours. I didn't have any homework yet, because my teachers were late putting up assignments, and I didn't have class (as I don't on Thursdays for the next 13-14 weeks :D). It was lame. I did, however, work out in the evening and that was amazing. I went too close to dinner, so my stomach seized up and I could only do 1.5 miles before getting off the treadmill and walking around thinking about how much it would suck to throw up medium hot chili. After that I lifted weights, definite improvement. I may go tonight, late. I love the hours at the Mac gym, just what college students need.
Breakfast: Cheerios and milk, banana.
Lunch: Eh... pumpkin bread?
Dinner: Chili.
Snack: Fig Newtons and pumpkin bread.
Cups of coffee: 0
Cups of tea: 5

Friday: TGIF
Friday was pretty good. No workout, off day.
Breakfast: Cheerios and milk. Almost out of milk.
Lunch: Didn't really happen, I went to Dunn's and struggled with ITS instead.
Dinner: The last bit of Chili. It will be sorely missed. It was a very good chili.
Snack: Pumpkin bread! :D
Cups of coffee: 2
Cups of tea: 3

Saturday: Shadowrun
First day of new RPG, but I woke up late so there wasn't much happening on the food front.
Breakfast: Nope.
Lunch: 3 pieces of pumpkin bread? =S
Snack: Bagel bites. Delicious.
Dinner: Pizza: my father doesn't know how to make cardboard pizza, or use the fancy-pants oven they have over there; he did however build the whole damn kitchen. There's something inspiring somewhere in there.
Cups of coffee: 4
Cups of tea: 4, but it was weak tea.

Oh, also to note, on Friday, I discovered that I do still possess the ability to write normal poetry that doesn't go to a beat and have ingenious end-, in-line- and half-rhyme schemes. Went and saw Cecil Otter and Dessa that night too. They put on an awesome show together, if they're ever paired, go see it, they have great stage presence and play off eachother really well:

Cecil, after messing with Dessa during her song: "Can I be the not funny one?"
Dessa: "Check."
Cecil: "Daaamn...."

Tessa was fun to go with, because together we knew almost all the lyrics from Doomtree. =P

EDIT: corrected cups of coffee for Saturday.