This is the poem I wrote for the blank verse assignment that fell over the weekend I went to Morris.

We wake to leave this town we slept in, two
Days lost to adventure. The war is done,
For now. Vinny sleeps beside me: bright sun
Too much for eyes not used to squinting, and
The plains give no cover from light of day.

D├ętente is fought on streets that stand empty –
The trenches dug in muddy snow banks, in
The mall with copy printer paper signs
Read “FOR LEASE,” in the coffee shop, at home.

The people of the town hide in their homes
On the days we are there. They fill up Don's
But are gone by the time the students rise.
An Ag-town, these people work their own farms,
Run their own shops, raise their own children, but –
We come and bring chaos, riotous smoke,
The sound of laughter at 4 a. m.

The battle starts quiet: someone runs past
With bottle in hand, a scowl is heard
And the soft curve of a police cruiser
Is seen rounding the block – no lights, not yet,
And as the party waves to the car with
Their ruddy, smiling faces, “Carry on”
Echoes weary across the space.

And, moving *away* from my personal life...

I'm currently writing a poem in my head about falling bricks instead of doing my Electronics homework. This poem is about actual falling bricks, not tetris. Although that would be pretty cool.