Like a large dollop of grey plopped hard in the plain water of hack, you sink

Whoops. Got up all early to go talk to my Algorithms teacher about my project and the midterm, and here I forgot he was going to be gone today! Oh well, at least I don't have class this afternoon too. Still, I was looking for some direction on the project... I know what I'm going to do next, I just want to make sure that's what I should be doing, you know?

Pretty tired; long day yesterday plus going to bed at 2 and getting up at 8:30 makes for a sleepy Colin. However, I did make great gains on acoustic session stuff when I was up last night. Let's just say, "Tonight I'm gonna rock you."

I have a project update due on Tuesday that I have to work on on Sunday with Adam, so hopefully that'll go quickly and cleanly. I also have a paper due on Tuesday (hm....). Busy weekend? I work my usual Saturday and Sunday shifts, so I guess so.

Speaking of work, two things: one, we hired a bunch of new people at Borders - I have no idea what they're all going to be doing; two, my request-off for next Thursday got approved, but then they scheduled me anyway. So I have to call my manager and figure that one out, since I will be on a plane, and thus unable to serve people Lattes.

Also, I know I missed the poetry update yesterday, but I had a busy day, forgive me. I'll get the update up as soon as I'm back on my computer.