its continual crunch of entire months toward zero's and ones in the hoped pursuit of what the timeclock can't afford them...

Sorry about missing the Art update -- I couldn't decide on a drawing to put up, nor have I had time recently to do more drawing, plus writing a big essay...yeah. Epic fail.

So I'll be trying something a little different today with the update. I had this floating around in my head yesterday, and I felt like it deserved voicing on some level.

So, a play. Yeah, drama. There are some characters, they're on stage, they've got some interpersonal conflict going on, you know, the way these things work. Except...they make a joke one time, and the audience laughs -- "What was that?" I'm thinking a whole new level of breaking the 4th wall; the characters slowly begin to realize they're in a play, in a theater, and they also begin to realize they aren't bound to this place they find themselves. They can go outside, go to a bar, get drunk if they want, and come back. So all of a sudden they have their entire worlds broadened, and they have to deal with this freedom, and this self-awareness, and it gets to them, and the aforementioned interpersonal conflicts come to a violent close on stage, not because it's convenient, or because it's showing a different place; no, they come back to the stage and the play, and the confines of it because they want to, because they understand that they are bound to it, and that one must kill the other, on stage, because he knows that is what is required of him, by the world in which he finds himself.

Copyright 2008 Colin Welch, because I think it's a good idea.

Also, Mosaic Mondays?