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Heh, just saw Pat Donahue. :P

Today is Capstone Day at the MathCS department, which means no Math or CS classes are scheduled. Instead, seniors present their varied capstone projects, some of which are solely capstones, some of which are Honor's projects. I got up for my friend Stella's at 9 am, which was on localization techniques for a robot moving around our building (and an Honor's project), and also saw one on reaching an economic equilibrium when marooned on a desert island, as well as Stella's math capstone, which was something about graph theory that went way over my head. I'm going to Emery's talk at 1:40, but I forget what it's on. All in all a fun day.

I need to get home and eat lunch after Emery's talk, and let the dog out. She made a mess on the floor last night, because she's used to being active in the evening, and I wasn't home from 10-6 and 7-12. Hopefully I will not find similar surprises today.... ::knock on wood:: I'm also quite hungry. :(

In other news, I now have a good idea of how analog to digital conversion works, and I may have discovered something that would help me with my gtk issues. If not, I'll have to concede and ask either my professor or the Ubuntu forums. You can always find an answer if you put Ubuntu in front of your query.

Busy, busy all the time. Such is my life.