Homework closed, due to AIDS

Sorry folks, it's a woot-off. That means all blogposts, work, homework, etc. will cease until further notice.

Viewpoint: As Washington rushes to nationalize troubled parts of the economy, the inescapable reality is that we're all French now

That title is a line from a Time online editorial. The article is written from a very strong libertarian perspective (ie. anti-big governemnt, anti-regulation, etc.), and the person is obviously from a time when things like hating communists mattered, and he's horribly mean to the French, but it's still really funny.

I was wondering last night if it wold be possible to transform your laptop into a desktop. I mean, I know it's doable in terms of taking apart the plastic casing of the laptop and stuff. But is there a way to set up a base, a dock if you will (not unlike commercial docks that link into your ethernet/usb ports -- except better, because everything would go straight into the computer), relialbly, such that you can do it every time in the exact same way, without too much effort. Is it too much to ask that it could even *gasp* be the same for every computer? Or maybe just every brand, or line? I dunno, this could be cool. Meanwhile, I'm going to continue waiting for a 10k rpm harddrive to come to the Land of 2.5 Inches, where every hard drive fits into a fucking laptop.

Speaking of 10K, I wonder if it would be possible to actually prepare for something like 10k Day. 10k Day is where a group of people (it would be lonely just by yourself) strives to eat 10,000 Calories (big C) in one day, without throwing up. Standard recommended daily intake ranges 2k to 2.5k. That means you're eating about 5 times as much, in one day. The challenge is two-fold: how do you optimize your intake, and how do you avoid covering your house in puke. To my knowledge, there's only been one 10k Day, and people discovered that certain kinds of food were better than others, because they could be processed quickly, were cheap, etc. But my question is, is it possible to prepare for the day in a certain way that points towards easier victory. The options are:
-Starve yourself for a couple of days.
-Your stomach would shrink.
-Gorge yourself for a couple of days.
-You may have more challenge mentally to eating the food.
-Gorge yourself and then starve for 1 day or so.
-This seems like a good balance.
-Eat normally and hope for the best.
-This seems alright too.
-Nobody made it doing this though.

I feel like eating 54 hot dogs in an hour and eating 10,000 Calories in 24 hours are different tasks, so you couldn't really directly port eating championship techniques, but they could be adapted, I suppose.