Return of the me.

Hello all, I hope your midterms, finals and miscellaneous projects are going well. I'm back from my week of internet exile, in before blog closed due to gf, and I'm just in time for... hey now, who put my midterms right after my girlfriend's spring break? This is not fair. Oh, well. I've only got two tests, and I've already finished/am finishing most of my homework for the week. It shouldn't be too bad. And then it's my spring break to round off the the little three-week period here, and everybody's coming home! Well, almost everybody. A lot of people. Regardless, it'll be a good time. We may even have enough people for an open mic.

I really like the new picture for my blog, as an aside. It fits well, with the theme, with the original work I yy'd the title from, with who I am and where I live. Thank you, google.

On the subject of art, as once upon a time this was my art update day, I haven't had much time to practice much of anything. I barely have time to keep up on my weekly poetry writing assignments for class, much less practice my acoustic music, practice hello blacksmith, write new music, revise lyrics, prep for spoken word stuff, etc. I'm afraid that if I don't dedicate my life to these things, this is how it will always be. That scares me more than anything right now.

Speaking of things that scare me, such as real life, jobs, applying for internships and where I'm going to be this summer, I applied for a real internship, finally. Like, with a company, as opposed to a research opp at a different college. Like, this one. So...we'll wait and hear about that.

I'm competing in a poetry slam at the end of the month. This makes me happy, and not very worried at all.