Day 8: food!

Today was sad on the food front. I needed to go grocery shopping, so excuse my pretty terrible list.
Breakfast: 2 eggs over medium. Water.
Dinner: 2 turkey burgers. Yum yum yum. And oj x2.
Cups of coffee: 2.5.
Cups of tea: 0.
Workout: going now!!! :D

I have a lot of possible poetry pieces floating around in my head. It's nice being back in a class, it helps channel the crazy that's usually just about my head, like a fog.

Days 6 and 7

Day 6: Carleton
I went and visited Danny in Carleton this day, so unfortunately I haven't exercised since last Thursday. :( But such is life. Did a lot of homework.
Breakfast: Cheerios and Milk, Orange Juice.
Dinner: Lasagna and Salad.
Cups of tea: 1.5
Cups of coffee: 0.

Day 7: Never Better
This was a long day. Up at 9 for class, in class until 1:00, then class again at 7 until 9, and then the Never Better release show at midnight. I was working on homework pretty much the entire time too. The only time I wasn't doing class or homework was right before the show playing halo at David's.
Breakfast: Orange juice. We're out of milk....
Snack: Dehydrated cherries. <-- not as good as I'd hoped. =\
Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich meat (bread went bad) and cold pizza. Yum. I <3 cold pizza.
Dinner: Ham and Brie sandwich from Dunn's, as I'm pretty much out of food and really hungry. I'm also trying not to eat pig products, because they're actually quite smart creatures and they get raised in really shitty habitats for butchering, but ham is hard to avoid. Pork I've done a nice job of though.