I'm loving the short week this week. Also, next week I don't have Digital Electronics on Wednesday or Friday and the following week I don't have OS on Friday. All this in preparation for the end of the semester. =P

My sonnet crown will be completed by next Monday, I've decided, which should be doable. I'm going to (maybe?) turn it in to Thistle for review on Sunday, but I'm for sure turning it in to Jeff, my teacher, on Monday for some critique and review, etc. I definitely appreciate the chance to have an actual editor look over my work. Jeff Shotts is a good teacher, but I also get the impression that he's a very good editor. He works for Gray Wolf Press, which is an indie press here in town that actually has quite a bit of renown. I may just end up having Thistle workshop another poem that I'll be including in my portfolio, I'm not quite sure yet.

I'm starting a project in Digital Electronics in the next couple of weeks, and I'm not sure what I want to do yet. I might do a MIDI sequencer, or a synth machine. I'm really into mixing my interest areas. :) I also found out there's an electronic music class being offered next year at some point in the music department, which is kind of cool.

As an update on classes, I'm thinking of not taking Parallel and Distributed Processing, just because it doesn't interest me as much as Networks does, and try to take some other stuff. I'm looking at Music Theory, or maybe some sort of American Studies or Gender Studies intro class. That could be kind of cool. It would be a shame to graduate from Mac without taking some sort of theory course.

In other news, I'm still immensely pleased with every Subtle album in existence.