Some Bon Iver for your health:

And I told you to patient,
And I told you to be fine,
And I told you to be balanced,
And I told you to be kind.
And now all your love is wasted,
Well then who the hell was I?
And I'm breaking at the britches,
And at the end of all your lines.

Who will love you?
Who will fight?
Who will fall far behind?

From For Emma, Forever Ago, very good, check it out. I've heard he's good live. Where was I? Oh, yes, that's right, doing "homework". Hm. :3


Sorry, sorry, brief bit of a, uh... well. Hm. :3

this is the worst trip I've ever been on

So for the Mosaic Mondays update here's some more of my usual sketching style of form rather than detail. This one's ink.

Hopefully I'll have time to draw again soon, but with finals coming up, who knows?