sort of

Well, I heard back from that internship I was applying to in St. Louis Park. It looks like it's a no-go, which is too bad, but it felt like it was maybe leaning that way. Oh, well. I tried.

Looking at classes for next semester, which depresses me even more; there isn't a whole lot of interesting stuff being offered in-department, and apparently classes that count towards the social science distribution maximum don't give me my social science general credits, which means Economics isn't a social science. I'm kind of curious what it is, then?

Anyways, I'm too frazzled and sort of dissapointed to put anything together at the moment, I'm just generally looking. My advisor is out of town anyway, so it doesn't really matter how quickly I do it, I just need her to get back to me by the 20th to register.

Some good news: my next assignment is implementing a small FAT16 filesystem. We're writing a program to traverse and understand the filesystem, and the file in side of it. "The" file is slightly misleading, but only just so: the contents are Linux 0.1, the very first release by Linus Torvalds.

Awesome? Awesome.