you flay R M pro quo

I've been a naughty blogger. I haven't updated regularly in over 3 weeks. Ok, more like a month. I dunno, everyone who reads my blog has been home, and I've been so very busy anyways. Still, I'll make it up to you (and promise you more in the future) by posting stuff now. The title of this update could be called Scribbles: I present to you incomplete drawings and poetry.

I often draw little animals and figures when I'm sketching. As usual, a lot of flowing lines, plus detail with rapid small strokes. It's just how I draw. I once tried to imitate different famous artists' drawing styles for a class, and... well, it didn't work out too well. The only one I could do well is how I draw now; it's similar to how I drew before that, I was just less refined and self-aware.

There's nothing you could say,
No regular expression I would recognize
To make me halt on LOVE.
There's no computable way
To derive the grammar I keep inside
When you only push and shove.

Even double dykstra couldn't help you
Reach me, though I wouldn't mind.
Just know, before you even start
There's no spanning tree in the shape of my heart.

Poetry + Geek = 1337 10\/3