exiting arm, the pit and alabaster ascension

That last one was pretty easy to choose; I really like those lyrics, just because they reflect how I walked into that particular relationship well. I like them because they're accurate, I guess. Anyways, this week I'm trying to post only lyrics, specifically lyrics that I wrote to be played, or that, upon reflection, should be played, on acoustic guitar or by some other acoustic, non-electric, arrangement of instruments. Here's the next one for today. Tell me what you think about all the stuff that goes up this week, I'm curious to hear it.

I remember the first time I saw Jimmy,
He was standing still in the sun of some sunken Valley.
They called him Saint, they named him serious,
Now they call him the Ravager, crown him delirious.
It’s easier to remember the title than it is to remember the name.
I remember his lack of motion, but I can’t quite recall his face.

The Ravager kills at night but stalks his prey
By day he always breaks his fast in his field.
Or does he break their bodies in the weald?
I forget the purpose, just remember the place.
I forget the feeling but keep feeling the space.

Like in church at night on Wednesdays –
Congregated to avoid being
Subjugated to gruesome death, I think.
I can’t remember, but I make sure
To memorize the woodgrain on the pew
With my hands in case I have
To stand and can’t get back.

Remember the title, can’t remember the name
Remember the motion, can’t remember the face
Remember the purpose, keep forgetting the place,
Remember the feeling, keep missing the space.

I’ve heard it said you can hear the dead
If you walk his old hills but I never,
I never can seem to remember their names.