It's like a half-selfish sending of an SOS

I went to Morris this weekend to hang out with friends and see a live show of mostly Twin Cities based artists, the irony of which is not lost upon me. It was a good time, I got to see my friends, got a little too far gone on Friday night, and saw an amAZing show on Saturday night. Dirty blues, some indie rock and P.O.S. somehow makes for a good mixture.

The whole trip got me thinking about place, and people. At first I really didn't like Morris, but as I saw more of it, it started growing on me; rather, the people started growing on me. Martin said that life in the dorms was very different from life out in the town, which I believe; nobody could party as much as those guys did in the dorms, no matter how little RA oversight there was. The point being, people wander around to all of these different colleges to try and find a place, or a group of people, that seems right to them. Some people can be happy anywhere, whereas some people are never happy where they are, no matter where it is. I feel like most people are in the middle, that the heart of a place matters enough to ruin a good deal, but the pain of a bad deal can be overshadowed by the heart of the place and the people who live there.

In short, you need a community, and it's in your hands to build it.