Hey! You ain't as dead as you seem!

Sorry about the missed post, and especially the missed poetry post. Virginia was not very nice about giving me free wifi, so that was...sad. But I had a pretty good time, despite my visitee being really, really busy and not very happy about it. Still, it was a pleasure, as always. And Virginia was beautiful. Mmm.

3-day week this week, because of Good Friday and no classes on Thursdays. It's pretty cool. I'm biking over to downtown mpls on Thursday evening with Isaac to go see Snowblind, my professor's jazz band. They have a 4 hour set. I'm really impressed.

So anyways, it's sort of back to a regular week, except for it being really short. I'm thinking of coming up to Morris this weekend, but I'm not sure when, or with whom. I'll let ya'll know.