i'd stand up strong, and muscle on

First off, to answer Jamie's question on the last post, my parents are going to Nashville because my mom is involved in administrative tasks related to "p-cards" at Macalester. Purchase cards replace the traditional "don't lose your receipt" reimbursement strategy by putting the college or company's money directly into your hands. Each card has a limit, and all sorts of checks and controls, etc; the point is, they have a big ol' get-together every year to talk about it, with people coming from across the country. Last year was in San Antonio, so it was a conference. I don't know what they're calling it this year, but I think that since it's in Nashville it should be called a hootenanny.

Regardless, I'm housesitting next weekend, and possibly hosting my Shadowrun group? That would be fun. I really like holding games at my parent's house, due to things like sunlight, the table and having enough chairs, and it'll be really surreal to not be at the head of the table this time. Hm.

I'm up in Morris currently, at the Common Cup, making a blog post, to you, having just finished my taxes. It took me about 15 minutes. Thank you IRS for the EZ form.

I'm happy about life, and excited for my Morris weekend. :)