But not subtle at all.

I can't believe there was a time when I didn't know the first 10 seconds of Kid A. I was in Tea Garden earlier and some guy was watching old TNG episodes on his computer without headphones. I didn't mind too much, since it's a loud place to begin with, but I was mentally searching for good study music. I was thinking Menomena, but it's too engaging, so then I jumped to Kid A. I decided to wait a bit before putting it on, since I was busy commenting on someone's poem, and BAM! Kid A comes on the speakers. It was sublime.

Rocking out to Idioteque. Post delayed due to awesome.

This is coverable. I'm thinking slide lap and a drum machine, plus a bass instrument: electric, upright or bassoon. And falsetto. Probably the most doable part at the moment.

Grasping the breadth (and depth) of my projects (although breadth-first is so much better). I'm going to be looking at analog to digital conversion for digital electronics, an extension of the lab computer and digital to analog we're working on now. For OS I'm still trying to figure out how to start a program with a given X window id, or wrap a given id with a window. It's confusing. I'm going to work on both those things more tomorrow, hopefully I'll have more to report.

The internet is so slow here, it took several minutes to load this post page. I miss my girlfriend.

Sent my sonnet crown in earlier. Hope it goes well with Jeff. I'm sure he'll treat it right. There are some changes I want to make that I already know about, but I'll deal with that later. Just little things like some fixed meter in non-metered portions of text for added effect. We'll see what recommendations he gives.

Speaking of which, I need to get going on assembling my portfolio as a whole. I have a good number of poems, but I still have some gaps to fill. It's starting to take shape in my mind, however...

I love you all.