As sad as it is so, as sad as it so

Sorry about missing the Artsy Fartsy Monday update. I had to hand in a homework assignment on Tuesday for my AI class. It involved designing a Java program to read in data from a file and then search through the world it defines and find the best path from start to finish. Yeah, it was pretty intense. The whole thing finally came together after I got back from Morris. Tomorrow is Dichter des Donnerstags, and Saturday is going to be What I've Listened to Far Too Much This Week (WILFTMTW if you like acronyms), so I guess it'll just be a musical/arty end of the week here! I feel bad, so here's a double art update for all you graphite/charcoal/ink lovers:

This is why I love using charcoal -- you can almost feel the texture of the stems on the bouquet, and the natural shading of it is amazing; the caption for that part reads, "a cosmos for you", which I thought was amusing, at least. Along the texture lines, I'm split on how well I conveyed the wax on the candle stump - sometimes I feel like, "yeah, rock on!", but other times I think it's more of a bark-look. But the wick and flame are fucking righteous, if I do say so myself.

If you fail at reading even rudimentary graffiti, the tag says "Meo". It stands for something, but it's...complicated. Maybe I'll post that spoken word for a Thursday sometime. Anyways, I do crappy graffiti on notes and stuff, I've never really felt the need to buy paint and go out, it's just more of a hobby. I enjoy juxtaposing sharp edges with reliefs and curves, but someday when I have boatloads of free time I'm going to try emulating some wildstyle; at that point, you'll probably see me in the corner of a coffee shop, gibbering and sweating, mumbling something about pipes from the beyond.

Whoops, my woot just came up, guess it's Thursday. That was Artsy-Fartsy "Monday". As for other updates, well, I'll be brief.

First off, my punk band, hello blacksmith is playing a free show on the 17th of October (that's a Friday), in The Basement.

Second, I'm really fricking tired. That's really about it. I'm going to the doctor in the morning for what I think is a sinus infection. Speaking of which, better get on that sleeping bit. See ya'll tomorrow.