I'll laugh until my head falls off...

Went to Vinny's birthday party last night. It was a fun time: I fixed his youtube issue, met a bunch of his friends, realized one of his friends Dustin's boyfriend was my neighbor last year in the dorms, and played Halo for like 2 hours with Vinny, Holly and Julia. It was fun. :)

From what we covered in my Digital Electronics class yesterday, the lab on Tuesday should be plenty interesting. We're getting into sequential logic, so latches and flip flops abound. I just hope it isn't too long...if it lasts the entire lab time, I'll be running to catch that plane, lol. Also, he pushed back the homework assignment that he was going to make due next Friday, which helps me immensely. I can get started on it the first part of this week, do some while in Virginia, and then finish it when I get back.

I injured myself working out on Wednesday, pushed my right bicep too hard. It wasn't my fault, I didn't realize that my left arm was stronger than my right, so I tried to do them equally, and was surprised to find out that didn't work... it was weird. The arm has been sore for a couple of days, so if you see me, and I'm bending my arm straight out really slowly, that's why. :P It was a wonderful workout at the time though. :3

I'm very happy about many things right now. :) I feel very grateful for the chance to lead a life like this.