full of steel wool, safety glass, and loosed teeth.

Well. It's now July. I haven't posted since the middle of June. Like, c'mon Colin, what's been keeping you? Well, you know... life.

There's not a whole lot of extra amidst the helterskelter of everyday, between dollar and drumond work and play. !time == being busy. Makes for a lack of energy, any kind, but still...

Ajoyous playing, a feeling of completeness in the singularity of a group, the relentless feeling of outsidership amidst friends, the constant tension of closeness and distance, all in one night, Dancing, always foot tapping and twostepping, we are, in thought, ascending (alabaster), making love, in companionship, In silence after speech I'm losing thought

and creativity is being kept in. This is not the thing that bursts out when the container is full...it is a tide. It follows the pull of some other body, but, like the water of the metahpor, still seeks to fill in all cracks and me, sprawled out in the way of the sun,

sinking or singing.