Finals week, so no blog posts. Sorry everybody. I'll get back to that next week. Maybe I'll be inspired by my girlfriend and all yall'll get new poetry.

So for those who haven't seen me recently, my hands are really messed up. I have pretty sensitive skin, so every winter I have to be careful about how much time I spend outside with bare hands; I usually end up putting lotion on them once every two days or so. However, I also have a habit of being in the food service industry during winter, which means that I'm washing my hands a million times a day and working with sanitizer. It kills my hands, and I end up with cracks and bleeding and general discomfort.

This year, however, it's honestly terrible. No matter what I do, my hands do not rehydrate. I've tried denying them lotion, I've tried putting a lot on, I've tried violently exfoliating them -- nothing works. The problem is that whenever I breathe in coffee grounds that are in the air (ie. at work), I start sneezing. Aaaaand, every time I sneeze, I have to wash my hands, which means I'm washing my hands 40+ times a day. Also, we just got new really high power sanitizer. When I say high-power, I'm not talking about your momma's sanitizer, no, this shit is whack - it says to always use gloves, goggles and FACEMASK when handling the sanitizer, and it causes IRREPARABLE eye damage if it gets in contact with your eyes. WHY ARE WE USING THIS?!? How can this be food safe???

I realized today that I should have been taking pictures of them, just to document the silliness of it. Oh, well.

I have to go to the bank; I have moneys to put in. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I'm looking to see people tomorrow, if that would be cool? Anybody that's in town? Bernizzle? V? Wow, what an awesome nickname for him. Although, Evey might be more appropriate, either the Vendetta character or the Pokemon.