The ground always falls to pieces

This was quite the weekend. I'm exhausted. On Friday night I went to the Building Better Bombs show with Tessa. They played at the Triple Rock, and the whole thing was intense. It was a weird bill for them to be on, the other bands were mostly "heavy metal", that is, Mastodon w/o testicles, so we didn't stay long. Martin also came, and he and I hung out afterwards for a while. It was good to see both of them, but as usual it was a little strange.

Then I worked for two days straight, basically: 2-10:30 yesterday and 1-9:30 today. I'm a little tired. I almost fell asleep on break today while listening to A Love Supreme, so yeah, that's about where I'm at.

I'm really lucky my homework wasn't that bad this weekend. I had an essay to write and an essay to revise for Chinese, a short reading (the page count of which wasn't clear anyways) for Romanticism and some stuff to work on for Wednesday. I'm tired, but still got enough done to feel successful. I'm also always amazed by how I manage to walk in on Open Mic at Dunn's at the wrong time/wrong day, as I wanted to read heavy German philosophical shit, and the OM dude was up on stage fingerpicking.

Also, very sad about the wine.woot sale for this weekend - it's exactly something I'd get my dad for Christmas: two award-winning Cabernet Sauvignons, which is his favorite kind of wine. However, the new item goes up at midnight, and I don't have time to talk to my mother about ordering it. *sigh* I'll just have to wait a bit longer, I guess.

Artsy-Fartsy Monday returns for another episode tomorrow, and I'm thinking of a doing a music spot to the tune of "What I've Been Listening to Too Much This Week".

Bis spaeter.