Day One: Cooks

Things! To discuss! Sane things ... I know, I'm lying, bare with me. Anyways, I just spent the day away from my computer, due to my eyes getting sore (and possibly irritated) from looking at the screen too much over the past week. School starts tomorrow as well, and considering that three of my classes are effectively centered around the computer, I needed a break. As you can probably see from my last post. Gur.

Anyways, taking a leaf from Washington's book (the Hill, not George), I am starting an Activity Log, by which I mean a, when I worked out and what I ate today log. But Colin? What does this have to do with Obama?--Nothing! However, the standard prescription is "oversight", so that's what I'm doing here - you guys are the oversight. The Audience. Der Zuschauer. Jamie will think about spectacle, but ho! There is none of that business here.

So, today. I ran a 5k today (3.1 miles) in 21:30. Great! But it was on an elliptical, which is not actually the same as running a 5k. Shucks. But it's better than the 1 mile I could do two days ago. I also lifted today; yesterday was my day off and I was S-O-R-E. I'm still sore, but happily worn out. Like a dog. With a ball. My plan is to lift Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and run at least those days as well, but with an option for more.

Here's my food for today. I'm trying to list it out so that I eat better, because if I show it to people, I know they would tell me to eat better.

Breakfast: ...whoops. Not a good start.
Lunch: ... bread?
Lunch, Take 2: Chicken breast sandwich with pepperjack, and a banana. Yum.
Dinner: Bowtie pasta with red sauce and fried Italian sausage, and water.
Snack, later: Probably either bell pepper or fig newtons.
Cups of coffee: 2.5, working on more, don't worry.
Cups of tea: 0.

School starts tomorrow! Finally! Yay!!!
I hate quoting myself, especially quoting things I've written. However, despite that, to quote, "I'm dying of fright over here."

That last part pretty much sums up my feelings at the moment. I'm pretty desperate for movement, pretty desperate for coolant, 'cause I got too much fire and only action can fuel it.

See there I go again. It's midnight, I'm playing the blues, and that's how I feel.

I just sang along with Freak Out Squares. If you know who Building Better Bombs are, you'll understand that "sang" is not the operative imperfect past-tense verb to use here. Screamed, howled, exploded would all be more descriptive words, prescripted curs cut out to purrs, took off like the blur, lured by bad evidence, dropped like Challenger residents.

Do you understand the problem? To the left of my computer I can see my iPod, my grocery list, an empty bottle of Guinness, extra stout, two CDs. To the right is Claritin, two guitar picks, a half-empty cup of coffee and my mouse.

I'm stuck between stations, not with a Hold Steady kind of patience, and not the ISS, good gracious.

It's been a weird couple of days. I really miss my girlfriend.