Open mic pressure pops -- 1.99 at your local gas station

Sounds like it's open mic this weekend. I'd prefer it being somewhere with better acoustics than my apartment (which isn't hard to do at all), and there's a real possibility of a good spot, but... I feel that elements of our group would resent the highly likely parental prescence. I don't really care, personally. The echo in my apartment is a real annoyance, and I feel that we'd be better served in a different environment.

But what open mic does mean is a review of what I can preform this time around. I've got some coversongs I've been idly working on that I could ramp up productivity on, and I could sit down with my own work sometime soon, which is something I've been meaning to do anyways, so this could be a good excuse to get started.

On the poetry end of things, I have some fresh slam poetry I could practice up, or I could do a reading of more traditional page poetry. I could read my sonnet crown (ahahahahahaha) (<-- not a laugh track).

So, in short, I'm not sure. I guess it depends on how many people will be there, and how long we have, and where it is, and ... well, pretty much anything else. That's longhand for "I dunno yet."

Redundant statements are redundant.