and resign your slight regime to time

I've commented on some of the posts, if people want to check back. Did people like the poetry every day thing? I enjoyed doing it, and it's not like I don't have a whole shitload to post...

Here's a paper update from your favorite CS student; although, if this guy is your actual favorite, I wouldn't mind.

AI - 7/12ish I'm guessing; it's a 10-15 pager, and we've got a LOT of diagrams. ;P

Algorithms - 3.5 single-spaced out of ... ? I don't know. 5 or so single spaced? Something like that.

German - 0/4 I've done a lot of thinking though, and I have an extension due to the crrrazyness that is my finals "week" (read: 24 hours)

Chinese - semester essay portfolio is done/done, and the test is not studied for/ready to go.

3 essays due within 24 hours of eachother on Monday/Tuesday, a test on Wednesday at 10, work Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, moving in on to my new place Monday during the day, and Angie gets here Monday night! Huzzah!

However, I get to see a friend at work tonight, as she's coming back from Italy after studying abroad. On the subject of Tashas, ninja-chan I need to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!