Sorry, I actually am taking Multivariable next semester, not Linear Algebra; I had forgotten that LA conflicted with another class. Also, it appears that Digital Electronics only has one lab a week, as opposed to the 2 I thought it had when I signed up. We'll see on the first day of class (next Monday! :D). I'm actually pretty excited for school right now.

Today I played banjo, guitar, WoW and a PS2 football game. I chatted with Angie, saw my folks briefly and bought a metronome. All in all, a pretty good day. Cups of coffee: 0. Espresso Drinks: 0. Cups of tea: 4-5. Meals had: 3.

Also, to whom it may concern: 56 and 3/4.

How will he know what must be planned around... and what must be slaughtered outright?

For those who didn't notice, the bit about where the blog title came from was sort of my Gedichte des Donnerstags update. Sorry, you'll get a real one next week.

Everyone's leaving this weekend, that hasn't already left. During the next week or so Mac kids will start to trickle back into the Cities, depending on where they're from and where they're staying, so that will be nice; it'll also guarantee longer hours at Coffee News. Still, the next week is going to be pretty quiet. So what do I have planned?

Nothing, actually. I'm trying to keep my expectations low so that I can just do things. It's working so far; I went through some books I haven't unpacked yet and found my C book, so that'll probably get toyed with. I also already practiced banjo today, and I plan on playing again later. I dunno, I'm just trying to keep things rein, because that's how solitude should be, no?

Besides, I've got enough tea and coffee to last me for a while, and Kowalski's and Target are within walking distance. I need to get groceries and a metronome today, but my mother is being difficult and not cooperating with me. I also need a metal pitcher to steam milk in. I realized this the other night while I had friends over.

Thursday and Friday turned into game nights at my house this last week. Thursday was poker (I took second, Tessa won) and Friday was a six person Risk game. The risk game was pretty nice, we had some new/played once years ago players, and it was a real good experience for them, almost everyone expressed a lot of interest in playing again. I won, due to Vinny handing me Jake on a platter, which led to my turn taking about an hour; that wasn't quite the end either, so it was a long game. I also saw Vinny a lot this weekend, which was cool, because we haven't been able to hang out a lot for a long while.

Tomorrow is character creation in Vinny's new Shadowrun RPG. For those who are unaware, Shadowrun is an alternate future setting (neither utop or distop, just life) where the Mayan belief of the end of the 5th world did indeed happen, except that the 6th world is just the 5th world with magic and D&D races. It's pretty awesome, and we'll be playing in MSP, which is even cooler. I'll be playing a Romani hedge witch who gets possessed by spirits when she's in trouble. I've thought a lot about my character concept and actually did a lot of research on the Romani, so hopefully that'll be useful.