would you skin your skull to draw its strength?

Sorry for missing the Dichter des Donnerstags update. It should also be Gedichte des Donnerstags. Which it will be, from now on. Silly me. Anyways, here's the update.

The darkness came, soft as the dew on the fields.
There was no warning, no promise of last supper.
The darkness came, and brought with it murder
Clad in white with harsh words on its lips.

I heard them come for my neighbor, and I hid -
Perhaps they would pass me by, and I listened:
I listened as they slit the wrists of his howling children
And raped his wife as he watched, forced to listen.

The flames rocked like a newborn's cradle
As they ate my neighbor's home, and the bodies.
I watched them flicker so clamly
On the wall, shining through the window shades.

We ran, then, deep through the dark, searching for others,
Pray we would pass free before we were caught.
But the dark was too deep, and we were lost.
Hope left us then, in the gray between mourning and knight.

Last until daybreak, my sister said, and we'll be safe.
But by light, I knew, the world would simply see our terror.
We wandered, and the dawn grew darker and harrowed.
We were surrounded, figures in white.

There was no chance. The world would not know how we died. They would forget how we lived. The pain we felt would be lost and found later by looking at chip marks on bones, once lost then found in these sometimes arid plains. The world would turn over, again and again, revolutions of the child's ball fallen in the water, like our thoughts as we watched them, and they watched us.

And then, finally, with a brisk clip of wind that sent their sleeves out straight

Morning came.
Horus sang.


Some Bon Iver for your health:

And I told you to patient,
And I told you to be fine,
And I told you to be balanced,
And I told you to be kind.
And now all your love is wasted,
Well then who the hell was I?
And I'm breaking at the britches,
And at the end of all your lines.

Who will love you?
Who will fight?
Who will fall far behind?

From For Emma, Forever Ago, very good, check it out. I've heard he's good live. Where was I? Oh, yes, that's right, doing "homework". Hm. :3


Sorry, sorry, brief bit of a, uh... well. Hm. :3

this is the worst trip I've ever been on

So for the Mosaic Mondays update here's some more of my usual sketching style of form rather than detail. This one's ink.

Hopefully I'll have time to draw again soon, but with finals coming up, who knows?


i'm out of lyrics, and have been listening to exitingARM too much to come up with a for hero:for fool lyric

Here's lyrics for Dichter Des Donnerstags. This lives in my acoustic folder, which means I think it would sound best with acoustic guitar as opposed to electric + distortion and stuff. Enjoy.

Speak me a sermon serpent’s child,
I’ll kiss you a summons for a good long while.
And the reaper’s hand warms to the bone
When you meet her near the standing stones:
She’s all blood, makeup and tears,
The look of a girl who lost all her fears, lost by the pier
With a gun in her hand, and Jimmy’s beard.

Her laughter whisks me away
To a better time, a better place,
I just wish for once
That she’d smile.

Empty your thoughts into my cup
And I’ll drink ‘till we’re both dry
Lost amidst the tumbling lights,
The eagle, the mother’s cry.
And in the end, she’ll hold me close
And our two hearts will meet.
I hope you find as much comfort in her hand
As she has found in me.

Her laughter whisks me away
To a better time, a better place,
I just wish for once
That she’d smile.

And though I know
Her pretty face
Is always marked by tears
And the charcoal holes
That hide her soul
Also mask her fears,
Someday she’ll find a way through her loneliness,
Someday she’ll smile again.

Her laughter whisks me away
To a better time, a better place,
I just wish for once
That she’d smile.



Sitting in Dunn's listening to Pat Donahue make awesome on his guitar. He's playing a fairly well known song, and he keeps throwing in little bits of nonsense (still in tune with the song mind you) and looking at the audience, to see if they'll react -- they just sit there, staring at him with open mouths; I'm the only one laughing and I'm laughing quite a bit.

and when planets align... all you can do is dive...

Here's the Mosaic Mondays update. I enjoy drawing things based on music, or lyrics. 5 points of win if you know the song, or can decipher my writing, or both. 10 points for both.


And you'd like to have a close friend drive you off into the sinking pinks...

And the broken hearted phonetics will
Lose themselves,
Limb by letter,
‘eather by ‘ever,
Until they lie

And the piece mealed fanatics will
Grasp at straws
Like false hopes
And woolen coats,
Their wicker goes

And the empty headed didactics will
Find their ears
After only mouths
Like moths,
For so many months

And the defected…

The infected…

And the have nothing for nothing addicts will
Catch their fortunes
By the throat,
Like pickpocket’s petticoat,
Ill-placed dependence,

All this, I promise you,
Doubt not wordfull legerdemain;
The dead, too, will rise again,
And the liars will be rehanged.


all there, unraveling his one kilometer long list of things most certain to be so

My life isn't really changing, but my emotional world is kind of crashing down around me; you can only be stable for so long. I've got a bunch of homework for the next, oh, month, and work is scheduling me for more shifts than usual for the next two weeks. My life is pretty overwhelming - I had a conversation with Eric Jones, a guy at my school, and he said, "The play is eating me alive", to which I responded, "Life is eating me alive." That's pretty apt at this point.

Regardless, I'm supposed to be showing you pretty pictures, not bitching about my personal life, which, by the way is feeling more and more like this guy's every day. So here's the Mosaic Mondays update:

Some times I have really weird days, and things like these are what come from it. If anyone's ever been to Hell's Kitchen in Duluth, there's some really strange art on the walls, which is sort of... endearing? if you stare at it long enough. Anyways, all of that together leads to this. The first picture is John McCain and the second picture is Barack Obama. Sort of.


Naturally you freak at the mere thought of being poured toward complete

Oh noes!! I missed the update by an hour and a half!!! Dichter des ...er... Freitags, komming right at you! <-- see what I did there?

Oh: to be saved.
To be saved.

Down in the crevice
Lies a seed,
Between the rocks where
The dirt hides.
Let the rain come down.
Let it grow.

Like memories,
Deep down,
Snuck away from the light.
Oh what a fright
We’ve had.
What a fight.

And the tears of the Sons may seep down on high,
And the last King’s men will break through the sky,
Even the dirt will rebel, a great many will die,
But I will not cry. No I will not cry.

Oh: to be saved.
To be saved.


like a man who's had every single nerve removed then replaced with copper wire, been given gazing globe teeth

So I'm back from Virginia. Good weekend. I forgot how much I love that place, how much I enjoy being there... the company helps a bit too. ^_^ Anyways, back to life.

O god so much work!!! Seriously, this week/month is crrrazy, and not in the Gnarls Barkely way. Even Danger Mouse would have a hard time making this set of sad songs better. Let's just say the semester is coming to a head, and rather more quickly and violently than I'd like.

In other news, I can't seem to get the music from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog out of my head. If you've ever heard of Buffy, Angel or Firefly, or have a fine appreciation for anything, go check it out. It's making it difficult to concentrate on my work or listen to music or really function in life when all I can hear, all the time, is this musical.

Still, Mosaic Monday!

If any of you follow Brain Spew, you may recognize this particular theme; Martin challenged me to draw something along the lines of 'bomb with tree growing out of it'. My first attempt was a big tree, and then I remembered the bomb and put it on top, which was a different image, but still sort of cool. This is the second one I tried, and I went after a seedling feel that I liked on an earlier drawing. I think it turned out alright. It's no good as a stencil, but it still looks neat. Here's the "proof of concept" so to speak.