Naturally you freak at the mere thought of being poured toward complete

Oh noes!! I missed the update by an hour and a half!!! Dichter des ...er... Freitags, komming right at you! <-- see what I did there?

Oh: to be saved.
To be saved.

Down in the crevice
Lies a seed,
Between the rocks where
The dirt hides.
Let the rain come down.
Let it grow.

Like memories,
Deep down,
Snuck away from the light.
Oh what a fright
We’ve had.
What a fight.

And the tears of the Sons may seep down on high,
And the last King’s men will break through the sky,
Even the dirt will rebel, a great many will die,
But I will not cry. No I will not cry.

Oh: to be saved.
To be saved.