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Internet updates will be .... less frequent, and less high quality this week. The internet at my parent's house is depressingly slow, shamefully even. I want to put up pictures that I've taken that don't belong on facebook, such as pictures of my apartment to show what it's like, pictures of Vinny's cats and Shadowrun sessions, that sort of thing. However, because the internet is so slow, that's definitely not happening.

However, on a side note: I like making new friends. It's almost as much fun as spending time with old ones. :)

Catch up

"Did you
dig through
its death


And...the end of the semester hits like a brick. I have a test on Monday, a test next Monday, a test the Monday after that... and then another test that Friday. I have a project that I'm just starting in OS that won't take long once I figure out how to do it, but that's the hard part. I have a project that I'm supposed to be starting in Digital Electronics that I don't even have a topic for yet. I have a portfolio to revise and finish, I have more poetry to write, I have a poet's statement to form.

I have a poetry slam this Friday, where I'm going to present 2-3 poems, one of them maybe about poetry presentation, one of them definitely about creation and destruction and one of them possibly about my grandmother.

My parents are out of town, they just left on 'vacation' to Nashville. Most of my good friends are out of town, and the rest are busy. My girlfriend is still in Virginia, and I feel afraid to ask my other friends over. I don't even have an "over" to ask them to, because I'm housesitting this week, stuck straddling two homes and the things they contain.

I'm dissecting my nighttime, I'm dissecting my life, my depression, my ascension (alabaster), my meaning, my ainsel, my feel (often too rough), my smile, my muscles, my skin and bone.

Every day I am strewn open upon the rock for the Eagles, in some sort of penance.