we can never let go.

I finished my sonnet crown. Praise be to Jesus. Now comes the even harder part: editing it. What I have ahead of me is a long arduous process, but it will be aided by Thistle and by Jeff Shotts, so that's something. I need to edit it for making sense, thematic consistency, descriptive/imagistic consistency, thematic resolution and narrative resolution. Also, poetic value. As if that part's nothing. Hah. Haha.


Alright then, moving on...

After trying twice, I still haven't gotten anything done on my OS homework assignment. I could be done by now, considering I've been at Dunn's for almost 3 hours. I have office hours tonight at 8, but other than that I'm good to go on the weekend. I stayed after Digital Electronics for about a half hour to continue my circuit building. We were in the lab today to keep working on our digital music boxes. Pretty cool stuff. I finished the memory module, and next Monday I'll finish hooking up the music box portion to it so that I can "record" a series of notes. I have the C major scale, middle C, no incidentals.... any suggestions?

For those of you in town, Rocksteady Breakfast will be playing May 2nd at Eclipse for a May Day Ska event. I know a guy in the band, hence the plug.

Enjoy your Easter weekends everyone!