Getting ready for more shell coding.

Every time time my hair gets long enough to get a haircut, I revisit the question of whether I could grow a pony-tail and have it look good. Meh.

Also, this shell is really complicated. Like, I knew it would be, but holy crap. I'm getting better at using vim, but I feel like this is just something I have to use for years.

Got bookcases today with my folks. We spent the entire day with eachother, it was really nice. Got breakfast at Baker's Square, and then we went to Ikea and looked at bookcases. It took forever, because I had no idea what I wanted when I walked in, so we left at 3:00 in the afternoon. Went back to my apartment, put them together, and cleaned a LOT of stuff. I think you could call me "moved in" at this point. The bookcase looks wonderful, much thanks to my parents for that.

Still looking for something to do this summer. I've got 3 things to apply for in the next month, hopefully Libby either gets back to me at some point or I can talk Shilad into doing it. I tried applying for things this weekend, but my advisor (Libby), failed to provide me with my needed second recommendation, so I couldn't even finish the apps. :(

I've started writing a bit more, went back and revised some hb stuff today; I'm trying to explore the limits of two-man more. I think I'm slowly reaching it, like, the limit as awesome approaches infinite of two guys making punk music.