The sun is on a stick, the moon hung on a hook

This is one day's musings about words and letters. I thought it was interesting, if nothing else.

Letter a day.

Letter, unfettered.
Spreader of fetters for all the unlettered.
Delettered – removed of meaning and cognizant communication?
Dehumanized – removed of humanity and reconciliation.
Does an alphabet make us human?
Is graf a quest for humanity?

Over, above, beyound. (??)
Übermorgen is a day farther than tomorrow.
Does that make an Übermensch two men down the line?

Beyound. B(ey)ound by the future?
Through the future to beyond.
Through the future to be bound.
Found? Hardley.
Hard ley Hard(ley).

Aus/sagen. Transitive. To speak to someone.
No English transitives … no transition?
Bound by a lack of change?
Can a culture be defined by its language’s range?

Hold on. To what?

Wait. The wait.
The wait for/to what?
“Good things come to those who wait.”
“The waiting’s well worth waiting for.”
“What are we all waiting for?”

Jimmy Hoffa.
Hofft er noch?

B.C. Before Christ.
Before Cameras?
Before the Culling? } Does one letter matter?
Before the Calling? } One letter… letter a day?

Self reference is recursive,
But can it be regenerative?