The fate of your life may very well be determined by how good you look in white

I realized I should probably get to updates tonight as tomorrow will be too busy. At the end of this post you'll get an (early) Dichter des Donnerstags update, stunning, I know. Not STNNNG; little different. Anyways, tomorrow will be busy with going to the Apple store to get my iPod fixed up before going on a trip to Virginia to visit Angie. I leave tomorrow at 4, and I'm going to try to avoid as many uses of my computer as I can. I am bringing it though, so I may check everything once, but that's it. I'm pretty ready to be there, though; I spent all of my Chinese class wishing that the faster we talk Chinese didn't have a correlation to how slow the hour goes... which is true, by the way. We're at a level of Chinese where we can talk much more fluently; but as a result, we say a lot more in less time, which leaves us with, uh... dead space.

Speaking of dead space, there are two major swing forces in my life right now; this is not to say that I'm a simple creature with base desires -- it's just that most situations right now are fixed, and the only two things that I still am allowing to swing free in my world are quite simple. Video games, and sleep. Video games, because I really want to play things like Fallout 3, OTRSPOD 2 and that Lambda-encrusted horror survival game I keep hearing about. But I have no time outside of class and doing homework and working at Borders. The other one is sleep, which gives me more time, but makes me ... well, I dunno. After experimenting with 4-5 hours of sleep a night, I got sick for 3 weeks. Coincidence? Loopy is for definite though. Mos def. Ah ha! He may be coming to SpringFest at Mac -- a concert Joseph may actually enjoy? We shall see.

Alright, enough rambling. Here's the moment you've been waiting for: DdD!! Although this already appeared on a certain someone's facebook wall a couple of months ago, here it is again, to mark the occasion:

The setting sun is sinking ever quick,
The wind is blowing cold across the streets.
This precipice I walk upon is slick,
With rain, with tears, with sideways-slanting sleet.
The skipping stone is faintly heard below
As lightning threatens sky with blinding shake.
But still I walk this path because I know
That seeing you is what I have at stake.
But here the storm is suddenly at rest,
The way before my feet is soft and clear.
The sound of waves and gulls and light caress
Make known that I'm so close to you, so near.
        What gives my fight across the seas some truth
        Unless it's that I'm coming home to you?

Also, for anyone that was at the concert in Morris, or I guess anyone that might be interested in damn good dirty blues, I'm currently listening to the Eddie and the Dirty Pennies EP, and it's highly entertaining; if you would like a copy of it, send him a check, show me the carbon copy in your checkbook and I'll let you rip/burn it.

What? Consumer-enforced DRM.