The no-place of an ache dangles body all around it

It's interesting how we just let stuff go by sometimes, pieces of our lives. We'll get to it later, right? That's the intention, but will it ever happen? I'd really like to play banjo, or buy that mandolin on goingToday, but I don't have time, and I won't buy it, because I have other things in my life that I need the money for: coffee, food, and most importantly seeing Angie.

It's interesting how we live with situations that we don't enjoy, just because we think we have to. It's something that's so ingrained in us, it's no wonder that Evie has to almost die before she's free. What is freedom? It doesn't have a face, or a concrete image: is that because you can't define it so basely, or because we don't have a real example to give to it? What is freedom, but a lack of shackles?

And what of it? Is choice not its own prison?


Happy Monday everyone! That means it's Artsy Fartsy Monday! Let's see the new piece this week:

This was an attempt, if you could call it that, to recreate the feeling of the really blocky, cubist portraits of musicians, if you've ever seen one of those; it's a man and a cello if you didn't quite see it. I like the mix of shape and free lines in this piece, it sits well with me for some reason.